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Cloud Security Day 2023

November 8th - Stockholm
Welcome to the conference where we discuss one of the most important IT Security issues of today.
- How do organizations stay secure in the Cloud?

The Conference

Everyone who works with IT knows about the progress and changes that is taking place within the area of cloud solutions and services. Those end user organizations who fully manage to adopt and enable cloud services which meet the right security needs and regulations will in many ways be winners.

For many organizations that invest in cloud services, and those moving towards increased cloud usage, the issue of security is the biggest challenge. Will their IT environment be as safe as before? Are there new laws and regulations which need to be taken into account? Which new security solutions do they need to invest in? There are lots of questions.

At Cloud Security Day delegates will hear some of the leading experts giving their view of the latest technology, threat landscape and predictions of what the future of cloud security will hold.


During the conference, we will deal with a number of current issues related to these areas of focus:

EU laws and regulations – how do they affect Nordic businesses
Cloud IAM - Zero-Trust Architecture
Cloud visibility - Shadow IT
Cloud Data Management – Securing valuable data in the Cloud
Private, Public, Hybrid and Virtual Private Cloud environments – what’s the difference when it comes to security?
Internal Cloud threats
Confidential Computing
SLA at Cloud hosting providers – Ongoing VAPT
Cloud auditing and compliance
Abuse of public Cloud services
Conference Partners
Conference Partners

The list of our conference partners is continuously being updated.

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Interested in attending Cloud Security day?

Make sure to register today! Your participation is free of charge, including food, and drinks served during the conference.

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Thanks for reaching out, we´ll answer shortly!


Lilieanne Lindberg

Event Manager

+46 (0)76 000 23 66

Practical Information


November 8th 2023


09:00 - 15:00


Bygget Fest & Konferens
Adress: Norrlandsgatan 11
111 43 Stockholm

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